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Neha Dhupia on healthy snacking

With World Pistachio Day (February 26) just gone by, we caught up with actress and TV personality Neha Dhupia on snacking on California Pistachios, healthy eating, treats and going ‘nuts’!
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Healthy eating, treats and going 'nuts'!

Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia talks about healthy snacking and benefits of Pistachios as a super snack, and how she is striving towards a healthy and fit lifestyle.
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Neha Dhupia gives us snacking goals!

Bollywood Diva Neha Dhupia is always known for her choices, be it her career in movies or fashion, her marriage or her fitness journey, she has always wowed people. Neha is also one of those Bollywood beauties who follows a strict routine and believes in disciplinary eating.
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California Pistachios: A healthier choice

California Pistachios are a smart choice for Indians looking for a healthier snack option. About 7.7 crore adults currently suffer from diabetes in India, with the number poised to double to 13.4 crores by 2045. One of the chief drivers of this disease in India is food habits, with the other being lack of exercise. Read more

Pistachios are the healthier alternative to fried snacks

People’s health awareness is on the rise and as a result people are adopting the trend of eating less oily food. Even if you have to go to the doctor for medicine, the first advice is not to eat oily food. As a strong alternative to this, people in India have been choosing pistachios (California pistachios) from California. For those Indians who are looking for a healthier breakfast option, California Pistachios is the best option. Read more